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    10 Discipleship Practices (Video)

    Are pastors doing all they can to address the challenges we are facing in the area of making disciples? At last years BACE conference, Micah Fries, former Director of LifeWay Research, described 10 discipleship practices (he described as trends) that have influenced the way church approaches discipleship. While many of these practices are solid, his research

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    5 Voices: A Leadership Assessment

    Communication is so very vital in the church today. As a persons who are responsible for leading the church to fulfill the work of making disciples, it is vital that we understand how we communicate with others and how others communicate. Whether those with whom we communicate are volunteers, fellow staff members, or lead pastors, we must

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    Discipleship is Indispensable!

    When Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:19 to “go and make disciples,” He made it very clear that discipleship is indispensable! It is absolutely necessary for every church and every believer in that church to learn, understand, and then act on God’s command. It is our job as leaders who equip the church to make disciples to

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