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    Are You Taking The Lead?

    Are you taking the lead when it comes to discovering and developing leaders? If you find this challenging or are just looking for new ideas, then you will want to attend the Take the Lead: Discover & Develop Leaders conference, April 5-6, 2018 in Oklahoma City, OK. If you are responsible for Student or Children’s ministry, then you will certainly

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    4 Steps to Growth in a Groups Ministry

    Tom McCormick is the Groups Pastor at Hope Church, Las Vegas, NV. In a recent guest blog post on, Tom describes the work he and the Hope Church staff initiated in order to develop a healthier group model. Tom outlines 4 steps to growth in a groups ministry that are valuable for all of us.

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    Every Christian educator should have opportunity to partner with others with the same calling. BACE provides that opportunity through the annual meeting each Spring and through the website.

    No man is an island. BACE serves as an excellent means for networking, encouragement and ministry development. Networking will be needed more in the future than ever before. Thank you, BACE!

    BACE has always played a strategic role in all of the various ministries that made my life His.

    Over the past 35 years, BACE has provided me numerous opportunities for spiritual growth, professional development, fellowship, relationship building, and ministry support.

    It is always good to get away from the routine of my regular schedule and responsibilities to clear my mind and listen to others about how they handle challenges and victories in the field of Christian Education in the local church setting.

    BACE is a great value to my ministry. The speakers and programs have always provided helpful insight and the relationships I have developed have provided encouragement and friendship through the years.

    I look forward each year to experiencing a time of “iron sharpening iron”.

    BACE, the national professional organization for men and women in the field of Christian Education, has been an incredible source of information, inspiration, and fellowship for my ministry in the local church.

    I always come back to campus with new resources, suggestions, and ideas to make our courses and graduate ministry degrees stronger and better at Dallas Baptist University.

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