10 Discipleship Practices (Video)

Are pastors doing all they can to address the challenges we are facing in the area of making disciples? At last years BACE conference, Micah Fries, former Director of LifeWay Research, described 10 discipleship practices (he described as trends) that have influenced the way church approaches discipleship. While many of these practices are solid, his research reveals that only 3% of Christians indicate any type of spiritual growth throughout a given year. He believes the answer, no matter what approach is taken, is to get senior pastors to revisit how the church is making disciples.

Here are the practices Micah described.

  • Behavior Focused Disciplemaking
  • Principle Driven Disciplemaking
  • Redemptive-Historical Disciplemaking
  • Evangelistic Disciplemaking
  • Gospel-Shaped Disciplemaking
  • Equipping Focused Discplemaking
  • Relationally Fueled Disciplemaking
  • Unified Disciplemaking
  • Follower Focused Disciplemaking
  • Church-Led Disciplemaking

After providing an overview of these practices, Micah shared some conclusions. You will want to hear his challenge and share this information with your pastor as well.

View Micah’s overview of all 10 trends and discover more content from last year’s conference on the BACE2016 Resource Page.

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