4 Steps to Growth in a Groups Ministry

Tom McCormick is the Groups Pastor at Hope Church, Las Vegas, NV. In a recent guest blog post on kenbraddy.com, Tom describes the work he and the Hope Church staff initiated in order to develop a healthier group model. Tom outlines 4 steps to growth in a groups ministry that are valuable for all of us. While they may seem simple, there is a lot of work behind the simplicity. I look forward to hearing more from Tom at BACE2018.

Tom acknowledges that the church was deficient in the area of community. Realizing that community could only be built through small groups, the pastoral team first apologized to the church for not leading them to connect to one another through small groups. They then moved to work through the process of change using the following 4 steps:

  1. Lead the church to recognize the need for groups.
  2. Identify the reason for groups.
  3. Evaluate your current groups ministry, and, if it isn’t working, acknowledge it.
  4. The staff team should place hours of effort into making sure groups grow and develop.

Tom emphasizes that none of this is possible without the investment of the senior pastor. Tom states that, “He recognized the deficiency first and wanted to change it. He made the apology to our congregation,” and he released his staff to lead the change.

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