5 Voices: A Leadership Assessment

Communication is so very vital in the church today. As a persons who are responsible for leading the church to fulfill the work of making disciples, it is vital that we understand how we communicate with others and how others communicate. Whether those with whom we communicate are volunteers, fellow staff members, or lead pastors, we must become very skilled in the art of communication. I took an assessment entitled 5 Voices. It is a leadership assessment that I found very helpful.

The assessment is free, but the authors do provide a book and audio resources that you can purchase in order to learn more. The authors are Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram, co-founders of GiANT Worldwide. They are both strong believers and have a great perspective on leadership, which I think you will find helpful as you strive to be the best leader possible. They outline 5 types of voices:

  • The Pioneer
  • The Connector
  • The Guardian
  • The Creative
  • The Nurturer

Go ahead, take the assessment and learn more about your voice. I think you will find the results very informative. If you go further with your study, share your thoughts on this post. I would love to hear how you are using the information to help you become a better communicator.




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