Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Memphis, TN

Discipleship In Crisis – Micah Fries

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The Discipleship Crisis – Micah Fries

Principle-Driven Disciplemaking – Micah Fries

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Principle-Driven Disciplemaking

Evangelistic Disciplemaking – Micah Fries

Equipping Focused Discipleship – Micah Fries

Unified Disciplemaking – Micah Fries

Church-Led Disciplemaking – Micah Fries

Discipleship – The Missing Element – Micah Fries

Behavior Focused Discipleship – Micah Fries

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Discipleship Trend: Behavior-Focused

Redemptive-Historical Disciplemaking – Micah Fries

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Redemptive-Historical Disciplemaking

Gospel-Shaped Discplemaking – Micah Fries

Relationally Fueled Disciplemaking – Micah Fries

Follower Focused Disciplemaking – Micah Fries

Replicating Disciples – Micah Fries

Robby Gallaty – What is a Disciple?

Micah Fries – Trends in Discipleship

pdficon_large Trends in Discipleship Presentation Slides

Steve Layton – Planning for Discipleship Round Table

pdficon_large Planning for Discipleship (Roundtable)

Breakout Conferences

pdficon_large JourneyOn Discipleship Strategy, Steve Layton

1464144572_powerpointDisciples Path, Ken Braddy

1464144572_powerpointAcademics and Discipleship, Dr. Randy Stone

Early Bird Conferences

pdficon_large Developing an Adult Discipleship Strategy for Oakville Baptist Church, Oakville, TX – Tommy Stogner

pdficon_large Developing a Disciple-Making Strategy to Create a Culture of Discipleship at First Baptist Church, Haughton, LA – Scott E. Sullivan

pdficon_large Peter, A Jewish Fisherman and Disciple-Maker – Dr. Greg Lawson