Become Like Michelangelo in Developing Leaders

Michelangelo was one of the great sculptors of the world who could look at a piece of rock and see a work of art.  So what does his view of a rock have to do with developing leaders? We, as leaders, are placed in positions so that we can become like Michelangelo in developing leaders.

I hear so many church staff members who bemoan the fact that they don’t have enough leaders in their churches. Perhaps we have become more like tourists who enjoy finished works of art (leaders) that someone else has created instead of sculptors of leaders. When you look out over your congregation, what do you see? Do you see potential leaders? I do! This is my discipline. Whether the person I see has a rough exterior, has had flaws chiseled away by other artists, or has yet to be discovered, I see people who can become leaders.

However, before they can lead they need to grow as disciples. This is the process of chiseling away all the rough spots in order to reveal the potential God has placed inside of them when they became believers. God hasn’t brought anyone to your church by accident. He or she is there so that you can take the hammer and the chisel and join God in creating a work of art that will, not only glorify God in the home or the community, but will be useful for works of ministry in and through the church.

Dr. Chuck Kelly, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke to this very topic at last year’s BACE conference in New Orleans. Enjoy hearing Dr. Kelley’s challenge to “chisel Christlikeness” and consider how you can become a better artist when it comes to developing Christian leaders.

If you want to learn more and be challenged further, consider attending the 2018 BACE conference, TAKE THE LEAD: DISCOVER AND DEVELOP LEADERS. The essence of this conference is on this very subject.

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