Shelby Systems supplies the software and financial tools needed to help ministries and organizations thrive. Since 1976, Shelby Systems has been a leader in providing software to churches, parishes, denominational headquarters, independent ministries, and development organizations. Over the years, Shelby Systems has been characterized by consistently providing excellent support, reliable customer service and the highest ethical business practices.

snextShelbyNext is a unified, next-generation technology platform for churches.

Churches today have different technology needs than they did 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. Ministry in the connected digital world requires a church to be smart, agile, and results-focused. We are called to touch more lives, at a faster pace, with tools that keep changing. With ShelbyNext, you can accomplish all of these things with a single suite of tools.


Arena is Shelby Systems’ browser-based Church Management Software.

Key elements include hosting freedom, membership and contact management, superior reporting tools, and simple grouping and search options. With connectivity from virtually anywhere, you have all the tools you need to connect your front office, back office and extended field of influence. Arena allows you the ability to choose the hosting option that best suits your needs.