Managing Your Ministry

Managing Your Ministry (Video)

Managing your ministry is really about managing yourself. This is the challenge that Allan Taylor, Director of Sunday School & Church Education Ministry, LifeWay, gives to church leaders at the BACE2017 conference. Allan provides a set of techniques and ideas that could help you remain focused on the things that will matter  most with regard to the mission of the church. 

It’s not about managing time but managing priorities.

Time Management

  1. Success is not measured by the hours that you spend at the office. Success is actually measured by how much you accomplish, by how much you get done.
  2. Management – arranging your life in a functional and productive area. If you are controlling everything, your ministry isn’t going anywhere.”
  3. Be time conscious.
  4. Be at work on time.
  5. Begin each day by organizing and prioritizing your day. Ask the question, “What’s important now?”
  6. Schedule your day in blocks of time.
  7. Schedule time for interruptions.
  8. Beware of well-meaning people who steal time.
  9. Gaining control of your time helps you gain control of your life.
  10. Managing time is not about managing the clock; it’s about managing your life!

Email/Social Media Management

  1. Emails and social media are your tools, not your master!
  2. Reduce emails.
  3. Turn off alert “dings.”

Assistant Management

  1. Be thorough in the hiring process.
  2. Meet regularly to discuss schedules, appointments, projects, travel, etc.
  3. Allow the assistant to protect your time.
  4. Delegate as much as possible.


  1. A cluttered desk does not indicate genius.
  2. A cluttered desk prevents you from giving your full attention to the matter at hand.
  3. Never handle a piece of paper more than twice.
  4. Use files effectively.
  5. Eliminate unused reports.
  6. Minimize the length of reports.


  1. The phone can be a friend or a foe. Use it wisely.
  2. Return phone calls at a specified time.
  3. Return all calls within 24 hours.
  4. Return calls at your least productive time of day or while driving.
  5. Be proactive in reducing “voicemail tag” and “texting tag.”


Sometimes I get the feeling that the two biggest problems in America today are making ends meet and making meetings end. – Robert Orben
  1. Meet only when you have an objective.
  2. Four questions to consider when planning a meeting: (1) Why am I calling the meeting? (2) How long should it last? (3) Who should attend? (4) What are the expectations? (5)
  3. Start meetings on time.
  4. Don’t wait on latecomers to begin the meeting.
  5. Be prepared for the meeting.
  6. Take care of the most important item on the agenda first; then proceed by priority.
  7. Lunch meetings should never include more than four people.
  8. If a decision is going to be made at the meeting, don’t have more that eight people present.
Managing meetings is not about controlling the staff. It’s about directing the teams efforts toward a purposeful goal!Allan Taylor


Managing everything else gives us more time to focus on pursuing the mission! At the end of the day we must ask ourselves, “Are we accomplishing the mission?”


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2 thoughts on “Managing Your Ministry (Video)

  1. Ralph Wood on Reply

    Love the topic; love that it is presented by Allan Taylor; love that the presentation slides are downloadable; and love the fact that it is presented in video format. Would love it even better if:
    1. I could tell how long the video was. Typically, that can be seen while viewing the video.
    2. The video was broken down into separate video files for each subtopic.

    1. John McClendon on Reply

      Thanks Ralph for your affirmation and suggestions. Yes, we usually do break down the video into shorter segments. It proved to be difficult with this presentation to break it down into shorter segments. Thanks again for your insight!

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