Meeting the Demand for More Volunteers

We all share a common challenge when it comes to volunteers. No matter our church practice, our groups philosophy, or our church size, we all face the challenge of meeting the demand for more volunteers.

This is why we are focusing on this subject at our BACE2018 conference in Oklahoma City, OK. If you are attending next week’s conference, here are some ideas to help jump start your thinking. If you aren’t attending, feel free to take advantage of these ideas that were presented by Allan Taylor, the Church Education Director for LifeWay Christian Resources. The audio is from our conference last year in New Orleans. Feel free to download Allan’s notes and use as you plan to enlist volunteers.

Learn more from Allan on this subject at reconnectss.com

If you want to gain access to the digital content from next week’s conference and all the other benefits from BACE be sure to register/renew for 2018.

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