Moving Members Into Ministry

Chuck Lawless, one of our speakers for BACE2018, presents several ideas in a short article he has published related to the challenges of moving members into ministry. In the article, Dr. Lawless gives seven practical actions that any staff member can incorporate into his or her ministry skill set.

  1. Pray for Laborers. He poses a very interesting question, “Is it possible that we would have less difficulty finding workers if we started praying before recruiting?”
  2. State Expectations Up Front. If we expect nothing, that is exactly what we will get.
  3. Put a Ministry Placement Strategy in Place. Ministry placement has to be intentional.
  4. Recruit for Ministry Face-to-Face. You need to see be able to look into the eyes of those you are enlisting, and they need to see the passion in your eyes.
  5. Offer Entry-level Ministry Positions. Identify those positions in which the newest believer/member can become involved. There is a place for everyone to serve.
  6. Recognize and Affirm Workers.
  7. Don’t Give Up Easily.

Moving members into ministry is a never-ending job. It requires much for those responsible for equipping the church to make disciples. You can download Chuck’s complete article below:

Download Complete Article

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