You are more than an exhibitor or sponsor with BACE. You are considered a partner in ministry. We desire to help you communicate with our membership through a variety of venues based upon the level of partnership you choose. Below are different partner levels along with a description of benefits.

This year you will have much greater visibility during the conference. We anticipate having 200 attend in addition, a special GROUPS SUMMIT is taking place as an extension of the BACE conference. We estimate approximately 800 local Bible study and Sunday School leaders will be attending the summit.


  • Online Partner Profile (1 year)
  • Event Exhibit Space
  • Half-page Event Program Ad
  • 1 Free Event Registration
  • Any suggested links to services, products, or resources on our Partner Resource page
  • Rotating Website Ad on the BACE landing page

Gold Partner: $500


  • Online partner profile (1 year)
  • Event exhibit Space
  • Event full-page program ad
  • 1 free event registration
  • 2 annual blog features(Content provided by your organization)
  • Any suggested links to services, products, or resources on our Partner Resource page
  • Rotating website ad on the BACE landing page
  • We will introduce you as one of our Platinum level partners during the during one of our general sessions

Platinum Partner: $800



As a Meal Partner you will receive all the amenities of our Platinum Partners plus you may provide print information and resources for each participant during the meal. We will also recognize you during the meal time as a Meal Partner.

The following meals are available:

Breakfast – April 5

Full Sponsor – $2000

Half Sponsor – $1000

Lunch – April 5

Full Sponsor – $3000

Half Sponsor – $1500

Breakfast – April 6

Full Sponsor – $2000

Half Sponsor – $1000



If you are unable to attend the conference but still desire to continue as or become a partner we can accommodate your request.


  • Organization profile on the Partner Page of the website for one-year
  • Suggested links to services, products, or resources on our Partner Resource page
  • Half-page ad in the conference program
  • Rotating Website Ad on the BACE landing page

Web Partner: $320


During the past few years we have been evaluating how to best feature seminaries and colleges that focus on the church education/discipleship disciplines. As you know, the landscape for this area of ministry is changing and keeping it viable is at times challenging. This is why our partnership with you is so important.

Partnering with us provides your professors and students who focus on this area of ministry a place where they can develop their skills and network with other like-minded leaders. Your involvement will enable all of us to join together in order to reestablish and strengthen our influence in this vital area of ministry.

Every partnering seminary and college comes to BACE as an equal partner and pays the same amount, $500.

You will receive the following:

  • Input into the pre-event academic focus.
  • Opportunity for your students to present projects and papers to their peers during the pre-event sessions.
  • Half-page ad in our printed program.
  • Featured as a partner on the BACE website including rotating ads, a partner profile page, and links to any resources your school provides.
  • Your students receive a substantial BACE member discount while they attend your school. Their membership is only $15 annually.
  • We will do all we can to help raise awareness regarding the work your school is doing for this area of ministry.
  • We will recognize your school during the conference using featured slides and other media at the beginning and end of each session.
  • We will set aside a time for participants to meet your representatives during the conference.
  • Your partner membership also includes one free Conference Bundle registration ($154 value).

You will not have to bring a large display. We will design an academic display that will be used to feature all seminaries and colleges represented. You only need to bring any resources (brochures, giveaways, cards, etc.) that you desire to be included on the display.

Academic Partner: $500